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I have been running my own businesses for 20 years now. Full-time since 2001… and you may not believe it, but now that I’m working on a social justice focused not-for-profit… I’m finally reading some nuts-and-bolts business books and listening to small business podcasts.

Ummm, a bit late, Steve, you might be thinking…


One of my favorite small business podcasts is “What Works” … and I’ve noticed an interesting theme running through their interviews.

There are a surprising number of business owners who want to “give back” through their companies. They’ve got a social justice element built into their for-profit business from day one.

This is kind of cool. Businesses don’t have to be just about making money. There are lots of ways to make a difference. You don’t just have to be a not-for-profit, you can make political or social change a part of your business or your life.

I’m your host, Steven Davis and welcome to episode 8 of Disability Democracy. This weekly podcast is about practical actions that YOU can take – to make a difference in your community. The goal of Disability Democracy is to accelerate the disability community revolution. Find out more at

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