Working and going to school at home

Working or going to school at home is not as easy as you’d think.

All of the habits and routines that are part of “going to work” are gone.

It is really easy to collapse into chaos.

  • Not getting dressed.
  • Not bathing (yuck)
  • Doing chores instead of working.
  • Doing nothing instead of working.

As someone who has worked at home for almost 20(!) years after more than a decade in an office, I still vividly remember this challenge from when I started…I did not start well. No shower. Sweats all day. It wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t doing well or feeling well.

Some thoughts on working and going to school at home:

  • It is really important to build clear routines at home for work/ school.
  • You need to get up, get dressed, clean up, just as you would going to an office or school.
  • Even if your office is one end of the kitchen table and school is a bench in the corner. It has a place and a time.
  • Don’t do laundry or chores while you work or learn. No TV in the background…you’re at school or work…you don’t do that there.
  • Similarly with your cell phone or devices.
  • Your computer is a work or school computer, at least for a while.
  • Set a clear schedule for time and stick with it (or for what you plan to accomplish each day or session ).
  • Also, be done with school or work on a schedule. Clearly separate your time. Don’t let one bleed into the other (I’m not great at this..and it isn’t good for me).
  • If you are getting done too fast, then ask or find more to do. All play and no work is going to drive you (and your family) batty. It doesn’t have to be more math, but it is a great chance for learning enrichment. Or exercise. Learn to paint. Something. Several somethings.
  • Stay connected ( with real people not Facebook).
  • Offer help if you can.
  • And ask for help if you need it.

Suggestions and ideas welcome.