Know Your Disability Healthcare Rights

Print and Carry or Download to your Phone

In the current COVID-19 health crisis, people with disabilities are at double risk. The virus itself hits people with underlying conditions harder, and long-standing discrimination in our healthcare system means that people with disabilities are most likely to bear the burden of “rationing” measures that hospitals and providers will put into place as patient needs strain the resources of the U.S. healthcare system.

Designed to print-at-home or download to your phone, DREDF and Disability Rights California (DRC)’s Know Your Disability Healthcare Rights sheets can help disabled people and family members assert and defend their rights to medical care. The information includes DRC’s toll-free number to call if you run into a problem with a hospital or doctor during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Know Your Disability Healthcare Rights sheets (California Edition) should be printed at home or downloaded to your cell phone. Take it with you when you seek medical care.

The California Edition of the Know Your Disability Healthcare Rights sheets are currently available in English-Spanish (PDF) and English-Chinese (PDF). They will soon be available in English-Vietnamese, English-Tagalog, and English-Korean.

Also available on DREDF’s COVID-19 webpage are Word templates that can be used in other states. Please contact us at if your organization can partner with us to provide assistance by telephone in your state.

Thank you to Disability Rights California, Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco and Sondra Solovay for teaming up with DREDF to make sure disabled people and their families “Know Your Disability Healthcare Rights.”