Paid Leave, Disability, and COVID

As the COVID-19 crisis plays out, the economic impact on all kinds of workers is absolutely undeniable. Congress is currently engaged in work to figure out how to support workers during the crisis. Many people with disabilities work in gig or part-time roles that don’t currently get paid leave. Also, some people with disabilities have conditions that require them to work remotely if their workplace has an outbreak. Did you know:

  • 32% of disabled workers are employed part-time.
  • Disabled workers are more likely to work in gig or part-time roles, without access to employer-sponsored leave.
  • Disabled workers are more likely to be in essential service jobs.
  • COVID-19 has disrupted disabled people’s access to typical sources of care, making access to comprehensive paid leave that includes all caregivers even more important.
  • Congress only gave people with disabilities at high risk of death from COVID-19 two weeks of paid leave-they need the full 12 weeks to be safe.
  • Not all caregivers are parents. Some are siblings, some are grandparents and some are friends.