DIY Dark Money

Today, we’re going to get really tactical. How can you get a seat at the political table and make the change that you think should happen. When we talk about Democracy at Disability Democracy Radio, it isn’t an abstract idea. It is a concrete strategy. You can do it… if you want.

It will take work. Our system isn’t perfect. It isn’t fair.

But you can play with the big guys. The Kochs. The NRA. AARP. The Sierra Club. And you.

It is time to talk about DIY Dark Money. Do-It Yourself Political Change.

And it starts with VIVID.

I’m your host, Steven Davis and welcome to episode 7 of Disability Democracy Radio. This weekly podcast is about practical actions that YOU can take – to make a difference in your community. The goal of Disability Democracy Radio is to accelerate the disability community revolution. Find out more at

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