Tell Congress to Fund Learning Disability Research!

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Congress is currently negotiating funding for the FY 2021 federal budget. Now is the time to make your voice heard and urge your member of Congress to invest in Learning Disability research!

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  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides the only source of federal funding to allow researchers who explore child development and learning disabilities to conduct randomized control trials and explore the relationships between different variables at work.
  • NIH currently funds three Learning Disabilities Research Centers (LDRCs), at approximately $8 million per year in five-year grant cycles. These LDRCs are tasked with developing new knowledge about the causes and developmental course of learning disabilities impacting reading and writing.
  • NIH also funds Learning Disability Innovation Hubs, which are smaller projects that address understudied topics affecting learning disabilities, including the juvenile offender population, math comorbidity, reading development, and more.

​As the latest grant cycles are coming to an end, we must continue to advocate for sustained funding for LD research!

-The NCLD Team
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