Stop evictions during COVID-19 Crisis – Sample Letter for City Leaders

Dear (Your Mayor and Council members),

The current worldwide health crisis is creating direct and very frightening impacts for your constituents in our City.

For many families and parents who are already struggling with high rents, and who feel they have no choice but to go to their job—or several jobs—even while sick, in order to pay the rent and stave off eviction, this crisis is even more severe.
There is a very real potential for a sudden income loss from illness, layoff or closed businesses, which will necessarily impact the ability of many to pay rent.
Further, with schools being closed and parents now becoming responsible for home schooling all children K-12, this will create an even more extreme and stressful situation for those who work multiple jobs, especially if their work tasks can not be performed at home and wages will be lost.

I am writing to ask you to please consider passing an Emergency Moratorium on evictions for the duration of this extreme public health emergency to ensure that families struggling with high rents, and potentially facing sudden income loss and other stresses (such as home schooling) do not feel compelled to go to work even when they are sick, and can stay in their homes.

Please consider putting ordinances in place that:

• Establish an emergency moratorium on evictions: protect tenants in all residential units from eviction during the coronavirus state of emergency, including units not under rent control, and student dorms.
• Ban eviction for non-payment if failure to pay is due to following local health guidance; self-quarantine, illness or the illness of a family member; or loss of income related to COVID-19
• Provide for delayed rent collection after the end of state of emergency, with no late fees

Thank you for your service, especially during this difficult time.

Your support of our entire community and your compassionate leadership is needed now more than ever.
All my best,
(Your Signature)
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