Disability Community Listening Sessions on COVID 19 – FOLLOW UP ACTIONS

UPDATE 3/28/2020

More than 1,500 individuals from all 50 states participated in two listening sessions, hosted by National Disability Institute (NDI), to learn about the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the disability community (people with disabilities, family members, nonprofit service providers and public agency directors). Thank you to Senator Casey’s staff and federal leaders from the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Labor for sharing what Congress and federal agencies are doing to respond to the disability community’s needs.

We want to share with you what we learned:


Thank you all for your participation, your insights and working across organizations to help amplify the voice of the disability community to have urgent needs met.


March 24th and 25th

Join National Disability Institute (NDI) and partnering organizations for a Listening Session to learn from individuals with disabilities, family members, disability service providers and public agency leaders about the current impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. We will hear from staff from the Office of U.S. Senator Bob Casey, who is working on legislation to respond to the needs of the disability community.

Partnering Organizations:

  • American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
  • American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR)
  • Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE)
  • Autism Society of America
  • Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
  • Collaboration to Promote Self-Determination (CPSD)
  • National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD)
  • National Council on Independent Living (NCIL)
  • National Disability Rights Network (NDRN)
  • National Down Syndrome Congress
  • United Spinal Association
  • World Institute on Disability (WID)
Individuals with disabilities and others with chronic health conditions are the most vulnerable populations susceptible to the Coronavirus.

Please help us identify the needs, develop solutions and document for Congress and federal officials the challenges of:

  1. Access to testing and health services
  2. Access to prescription drugs and services part of usual routine
  3. Loss of income from furloughs or termination of employment
  4. Social isolation and mental health
  5. Access to online communication
  6. The new normal of virtual life
  7. Limited access to needed personal assistance
  8. Adverse impact to disability service provider agencies
  9. Other aspects of change and their adverse consequences

Please register for one or both webinars:

Session #1: Tuesday, March 24 at 3 PM ET

Register for March 24

Session #2: Wednesday, March 25 at 3 PM ET

Register for March 25