Contact Your State Insurance Commissioner to protect at risk populations from COVID-19

Now is the time to reach out to your state’s insurance Commissioner to urge them to follow Washington State’s lead in requiring early refills and to take other measures designed to ensure at-risk populations are able to follow the CDC’s guidance. AAPD has prepared a template for advocacy organizations to use to urge their state’s insurance commissioner to take these common-sense measures to protect those most at-risk.

While many states have already required insurers to cover COVID-19 testing and treatment without cost-sharing, insufficient action has been taken to ensure that people with disabilities have access to early refills sufficient to comply with CDC guidance.

You can download our template at this link and adapt it to your organization’s needs. These measures will work best if they are undertaken before an active community outbreak in your area. Since our community includes many of those who are most at risk from COVID-19, we urge disability advocacy groups to make this an area of focus in the coming days and weeks.