Disability Democracy

Accelerating the Disability Community Revolution

Disability Democracy is a project of Not Without Us to provide a toolkit for individual and community action in support of disability empowerment.

Disability bus protest wheelchair user in with "I can't even get to the back of the bus" sign
Adult woman with diabled boy

Not Without Us is working for equality for all kids and adults with all disabilities through civic change. The core of our strategy is deliberate democracy for disability empowerment – we must change our systems, politics, and culture to be more welcoming and inclusive of both disabled adults and children.

Our initial focus was on kids with disabilities – and they continue to be a priority. But in order to achieve equality for kids with disabilities, we must join together with disabled adults – they are both our partners and our children’s future.

The sky is the limit if we embrace…

  • inclusion, not segregation,
  • compassion, not condescension, &
  • high expectations, not concern.

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